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Scholarship Reports Surgeons IFSO Madrid

  • Mykola KryvopustovMykola Kryvopustov, MD, PhD Student I am a PhD student of the Department in General Surgery #2 of Bogomolets National Medical University (Kyiv, Ukraine) and in-depth study of bariatric surgery. I am very happy to participate in the 24th IFSO World Congress (Madrid, Spain) and to present the results of our scientific work on the quality of life of patients with morbid obesity. This congress has allowed me to get up-to-date information on the surgical treatment of obesity. Certainly, the knowledge gained will be very useful for improving the provision of surgical care for patients with obesity in Ukraine. In addition, in the future I will be able to convey these new trends in the development of bariatric surgery to students and young doctors.
  • Ponnie Robertlee DoloPonnie Robertlee Dolo, PhD StudentMy name is Ponnie Robertlee Dolo, from Liberia. I am a PhD student at the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University in China.
    I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the IFSO family for the privilege to have been awarded the IFSO SCHOLARSHIP. The scholarship enabled me to attend the 2019 Madrid conference, where I was able to successfully present my Oral Abstract. During the conference, I was also able to meet and interact directly with some of the leading experts in the field of Bariatric Surgery. I was also able to meet with peers and expand my network even further. These interactions were exceptionally rewarding. My experience at the conference has further invigorated my passion to develop a career in Bariatric Surgery. As I continue to pursue a career in Bariatric Surgery, I shall remain available at all times to contribute in whatever way deemed necessary to the growth of this esteem body (IFSO). Thank You.
  • Andrés San MartinAndrés San Martin MD
    General Surgeon. Fellow in advanced laparoscopy and Obesity.
    Dear IFSO Committee and Organizers:
    Receiving this award is rewarding and stimulating, it encourages young surgeons to do their best every day. It is also a great economic help.
    Obtaining recognition from the institution, from my colleagues and especially from the IFSO president and congress president was a great pride for me and my family. It is a bit unfair to receive this award alone, because without the support of the multidisciplinary health team it would not be possible. For this I want to thank the medical community of Chile and especially my mentor Dr. Matías Sepúlveda Hales.
  • Tamer AbdelbakiTamer AbdelbakiIFSO 2019 was a true academic and cultural experience for me. I am grateful for winning the 2019 IFSO scholarship as it has provided me with a chance to meet experts from all over the world, from different countries with diverse cultural backgrounds. I was lucky to be able to present this year, a video presentation on how bariatric surgery and weight loss helped a young mother to regain her sight after going blind as a consequence of her obesity. It is really inspiring to have been able to present my work and network with researchers from around the globe. IFSO is growing stronger by the year. Looking forward to IFSO 2020!
  • Ali K MotamediAli K Motamedi, MSc, MDI was honoured to receive the IFSO 2019 Scholarship, which enabled me to travel to the beautiful city of Madrid for the 2019 World IFSO Congress. I was able to present my latest research to an enthusiastic audience across disciplines and was rewarded with intriguing questions and critical suggestions. This venue, indeed, was the confluence of extensive efforts to address obesity and supported exchange of ideas at the highest-level and streamlined our efforts to find answers to the many questions we face in practice. While every one of us focuses on a very specific topic in our research, I believe numerous sessions on different aspects of care in the conference helped researchers maintain their broad perspective and emphasized patient-centred outcomes at the heart of research. My work was regarding the comparison of two techniques of one-anastomosis gastric bypass surgery. I was flattered to find many talks and lots of attention to this growing area of research as well as the excellent IFSO publication “A practical guide for OAGB-MGB”. Since the Congress in Madrid and with the lessons I learned from IFSO, I have been working on finishing the manuscript to disseminate our experience. I am once again grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to participating in future IFSO Congresses.