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Scholarship Reports IFSO Madrid

  • Julie ParrottJulie Parrott, MS, RD, LDN
    USA (NAC)
    Winning the IFSO scholarship provided confirmation to me that IFSO values my work and aspirations to enhance the rigor of the evidence base underlying excellent nutrition care in bariatric surgery. Additionally, the scholarship provided the opportunity to meet and network in-person with international colleagues with the same passion that otherwise would not have been possible, due to cost and distance from Pennsylvania, US.
  • Dale S. BondDale S. Bond, PhD
    USA (NAC)
    I am grateful to IFSO for having been awarded one of the 2019 integrated health scholarships. Because of this scholarship, I was afforded the opportunity to travel from the United States to the IFSO Congress in Madrid, present my research to an international audience, and be exposed to new and exciting research from metabolic and bariatric surgery professionals across multiple countries, languages, and cultures. Meeting and exchanging ideas with such a large body of integrated health researchers and practitioners from across the world was truly inspiring and scientifically invigorating. Most importantly, my experience at IFSO further reinforced my commitment and passion to advancing multidisciplinary bariatric surgery care and research.
  • Stephanie GilroyStephanie Gilroy
    Australia (APC)
    I felt honoured to be chosen as a scholarship winner for IFSO 2019 in beautiful Madrid. It was a wonderful opportunity to travel from Sydney, Australia with our team, lead by Dr Ken Loi.
    I had previously been to two IFSO-APC meetings, but never a world congress. What an experience to meet clinicians and researchers from around the world who are passionate about metabolic surgery. It was fascinating to learn from world leaders in the field and hear practical clinical tips, as well as exciting ‘bigger picture’ research that is happening.
    I have already started to put some of the tips into practice, including the ‘Teach back’ method. I have also been encouraging my patients to think more about the benefits of pre operative exercise (“move more, sit less”).
    I loved the whole IFSO experience; sharing ideas, clinical expertise and passion for people with the life long chronic disease of Obesity.
    I’d like to thank the IFSO organisers and also my team for their support. My favourite quote of the conference; “I’ve learned that people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou.
  • Winni MathurWinni Mathur
    India (APC)
    I am so honored to have been awarded this scholarship. It is both a humbling and learning experience for me.
    To see my team swelling with pride on my receiving this at an international podium was priceless.
    All I can say is that this has given me immense energy and enthused me to work with more vigor in the field of Bariatric Metabolic Surgery.
    Having said that I thank the leadership's of IFSO for the recognition. I see myself to help IFSO grow more and stronger as an organization emanating the knowledge and skill to all Bariatric surgeons, physicians and allied professionals.
    Thanks to one and all!
  • Tair Ben-PoratTair Ben-Porat
    Israel (EC)
    My name is Tair and I am the Head dietitian of the Bariatric clinic multidisciplinary team at Hadassah Medical Center in Israel and Chair of the Nutritional bariatric surgery forum of the Israeli Dietetic Association. This year I will also complete my PhD in the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University that dealt with Nutritional Status and Bone Metabolism of bariatric patients. Winning the IFSO-I.H scholarship have contributed both to my development as a clinician and as a researcher, by adding knowledge on studies currently performed worldwide, taking an active part of the IH sessions during the conference, and specially by meeting clinicians and researcher from all over the world which enable me to create feature collaborations and networking. This conference was a great opportunity to meet new colleges, share ideas for future studies and clinical interventions for patients with obesity undergoing bariatric surgery. I was excited about winning this award and I would like to thank IFSO and the I.H. committee for this wonderful experience and opportunity.
  • Javiera CancinoJaviera Cancino
    Chile (LAC)
    "I'm Javiera Cancino, Kinesiologist from Chile. Winning the scholarship allowed me to attend the congress and share our work and experience from Chile. I’m very grateful for this opportunity that IFSO gave me. I had a very great time at Madrid and this experience was very useful for me and for my career."