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Executive Board

Executive Board of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders

Nicola ScopinaroHonorary President: Nicola Scopinaro


Lilian KowPresident: Lilian Kow


Scott ShikoraPresident Elect: Scott Shikora


Almino RamosPast President: Almino Ramos


Jacques Himpens Senior Past President: Jacques Himpens


Abdelrahman NimeriSecretary/Treasurer: Abdelrahman Nimeri


Luigi AngrisaniBOT Chairman: Luigi Angrisani


Mary O'KaneIntegrated Health Chair: Mary O’Kane


Silvia Leite FariaIntegrated Health Vice Chair:Silvia Leite Faria


Kazunori Kasama
Asia Pacific Chapter President: Kazunori Kasama


Seung Ho ChoiAsia Pacific Chapter Member at large: Ahmad Aly


Gerhard Prager European Chapter President: Gerhard Prager


Nicola di LorenzoEuropean Chapter Member at large: Nicola di Lorenzo


Estuardo BehrensLatin American Chapter President: Estuardo Behrens


Cateano Marchesini
Latin American Chapter Member at large: Cateano Marchesini


Raul RosenthalNorth American Chapter President: Raul Rosenthal


Laurent BierthoNorth American Chapter Member at large: Laurent Biertho


Khalid Mirza GariMiddle East
North African Chapter President: Khalid Mirza Gari


Ali KhammasMiddle East
North African Chapter Member at Large: Ali Khammas




George CowanHistorian: George Cowan


Scott ShikoraObesity Surgery editor in chief: Scott Shikora


Natan Zundel
President of the congress: Natan Zundel