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The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) Global Registry Project was established in January 2014 to demonstrate that it is possible to merge and analyse bariatric and metabolic surgical data from different countries and centres. The global initiative will help the bariatric community establish essential benchmark knowledge about the patients, their age and gender distributions, body mass index (BMI) and comorbidity disease burden, as well as track trends in surgery over time.

In August 2017, the Third IFSO Global Registry Report (2017) was released at the XXII IFSO World Congress in London, UK, and included data from more than 40 countries on over 196,000 operations including baseline obesity-related disease, operation types, operative outcomes and disease status after bariatric/metabolic surgery. The report also demonstrated clear and important differences in bariatric practice between countries. To access the latest report, please click here

The ‘Fourth IFSO Global Registry Report,’ will be published at the XXIII IFSO World Congress in Dubai, UAE, and the Federation would like to invite all members to participate in this forthcoming report. All new contributors will be sent an IFSO Global Registry Charter document that will outline and explain:

  • The aims of the IFSO Global Registry Project
  • Data protection
  • Access
  • Data ownership
  • Publication and other use of the data
  • Principles of operation: roles and responsibilities
  • Data validation
  • Supervising authorities

There are two ways for contributors to submit data – IFSO Upload-My Data portal and IFSO Direct-Data-Entry portal:

  • The IFSO Upload-My Data portal enables a community of surgeons or physicians to create a national or international database; even if there are different database systems being used at the local level, the data from each can be integrated into the central, merged registry.
  • IFSO Direct-Data-Entry portal allows contributors to directly enter their data onto a secure portal on a case-by-case basis.

“We at IFSO are convinced that one of our prime tasks is to provide global guidelines for safe and effective surgery to the benefit of the patient with adiposity. Critical appraisal of what we do is essential to achieve this goal,” IFSO presiden, Jacques M Himpens. “More than ever we must share our data with the world. More than ever we must contribute to a global and complete registry.”

If you are interested in contributing your data for the ‘Fourth IFSO Global Registry Report’, please email: for more information.